Fun Wrappers Personalized Event Favours

Make your event or celebration You-nique with personalized event favours.


*Prices include tax

Movie Night In                                                 Minimum order of 5 required

See below and right for design and individual items.

  • Having a birthday party at the movies? These make great 'goodie bags'.
  • Looking for a gift for a person that has everything? Just add a movie rental gift card and they'll be set for a relaxing night in!
  • These are perfect for employee gifts too!
  • Can be fully customized to suit your needs!

Small - $7.99 each (tax incl)

Includes: Personalized Caramilk bar, M&Ms candy pouch, snack size microwave popcorn, and two Lifesaver mints.

Large (pictured) - $14.99 each (tax incl)

Includes: Two (2) Personalized Caramilk bars,  M&Ms candy pouch, regular size microwave popcorn, tic tacs, lipbalm, and two Lifesaver mints. 

 Want to add a movie rental gift card? Contact us for pricing.


Over The Hill Gag Gift  $20.00 (Add two custom chocolate bars for an additional $4.00)

Looking for a gag gift for an upcoming Milestone birthday? This gag gift is a 946ml paint can (new) covered with a custom label that includes a picture of the recipient. Inside the can are various individually wrapped and tagged 'gag' items that will 'help' the recipient:



- Keep your eyes open after 7pm

- In case you've lost your marbles

- For an instant face lift

- Generic Viagra (blue candy)

- Oil of Old Age

- Instant Hair Grow

- To help read the fine print

- For a burst of energy

- To get the fire back in your life

- For when you've fallen and can't get up

- To help get your flexibility back







Sleeping Diaper Baby  $35.00

Colour choices vary from pink to blue to gender neurtral. Each Diaper Baby is custom made to order so customers can feel free to request any colour sleeper. Please note that hats and mitts do not come in as many colours as sleepers. Fun Wrappers will do their best to coordinate all items to the best of their ability.


The Diaper Baby comes wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with pretty ribbon. If you prefer to keep the Diaper Baby a surprise for the mom-to-be to open, coloured tissue paper can be added to the inside of the cellophane at an additional cost.



Each Sleeping Diaper Baby comes with:

Premium diapers



Hat & Mitts